LUWI is a pleasurable protector.  It is not a condom. 

Worn on the inside.

It's a second skin that lines the vaginal or anal canal

Protects against STDs better than a condom (because it covers some of the labial skin) and prevents unintended pregnancy equally as effective as a condom, 98%, when used consistently.

It’s hot! … made of ultra-thin polyurethane, not latex, and it conducts heat for greater sensation.

Free from interruption … you can put it in up to 8 hours before needing it.

Hormone-free and safe for people with latex sensitivities.

Each LUWI is designed for one time use.


It's amazing and anyone who's ever tried it, men and women, have said it’s the best protection they have ever used.   Try it and find out for yourself how great it feels!




“He said it felt like there was no condom at all, for me, it felt closer than a latex condom.”

- James


“It took a bit to get used to to, but once we did it was much better and he loved the feel!”

- Amy


“Be in control and hook up with LUWI before you go out, its the best. I liked knowing I was protected because I took care of it."

- Angela 



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